Paid and Premium Product Terms

Last Updated: Feb 10th 2019, 6:24 pm

The terms in this agreement are subject to change without notice.

What am I agreeing to?

  1. Permitted for use on 1 (one) live website, blog or forum only on a single domain. Exception only when an unlimited domain license is purchased. Additional test instances are permitted, access to must be restricted to staff/developer only, public access is not permitted. Support will only be provided for a single live website, blog or forum per license.
  2. Modification of the code and/or images supplied is permitted to integrate the product with your website, blog or forum.
  3. The redistribution of premium products whether edited, updated, upgraded or as originally supplied, is strictly prohibited.
  4. Licenses are sold in 12 month intervals, but may vary in certain situations. Premium support and updates to the products under that license are included for this time interval.
  5. When your license expires or before your license expires, you may purchase a new license or a renewal which is sold at a discounted rate of typically around 25-50%, but this also may vary. If you do not renew and your license is expired, you are inelligible for premium support and updates released after the expiration date on that individual license.
  6. We do update products regularly. But we do not guarantee timeframe or that we will continue to update any given product indefinitely. If you have any concerns please contact us prior to completing your purchase.
  7. Customization is not provided as part of our standard license support packages. However, we do offer customization solutions. For customizations please open a request to discuss your requirements (upon agreement requests are chargeable at our standard hourly rate). Otherwise we suggest a design or customization resource for assistance in what you need.
  8. We recommend that source files for any of our products are never touched directly. We aim to provide adequate resources to prevent this from happening, but we cannot be held responsible if you do. Doing so may result in a more difficult upgrade process including the loss of work. This is true for any digital company.
  9. Support is provided for the product purchased on a best effort basis, we cannot guarantee compatibility with other add-ons, hacks or themes nor can we support other/externally purchased add-ons, hacks or themes.
  10. We do not allow derivitive works to be published or sold without any files from a paid or premium product. Derivative works must always require that their license holders also hold a valid license with our original product.
  11. Copyright must not be altered or removed without prior consent or a branding removal purchase.
  12. All purchases are final, please check your order quantities and the products being ordered prior to completing your purchase.
  13. Products may have requirements listed on their product page or on their terms pages. This includes things such as software version or other technologies or tools required. You are responsible for ensuring you meet all requirements before purchases, as in accorrdance with Terms of Service.
  14. Agreement to both individual (per product) and our Terms of Services is indicated by purchasing, downloading and installing our products.

Any breach of this agreement will result in termination of service, refunds will not be guaranteed or assumed in such circumstances.